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Startseite > Séminaires > Séminaires théorie > Theory Club. Jeudi 22 mai 2014. Dante R. Chialvo (CONICET, Argentina) : "Brain’s statistical physics".

Theory Club. Jeudi 22 mai 2014. Dante R. Chialvo (CONICET, Argentina) : "Brain’s statistical physics"

Sauf mention contraire, les séminaires et les soutenances se déroulent à 11h30 en salle 454A du bâtiment Condorcet.

Séminaire organisé par Maurice Courbage

Jeudi 22 mai 2014 à 14H Salle 612B - Bâtiment B

Prof. Dante R. Chialvo, National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina

Brain’s statistical physics

Abstract : It is well known that dynamical systems posed near a second order phase transition generate a bewildering variety of robust and flexible behavior, associated with the abundance of metastable states at the critical point. This universal feature led us to argue, since the last millennium, that the most fundamental cognitive properties of the functioning brain are only possible because it is spontaneously located at the border of such instability. In this talk we review the motivation and then describe recent experimental results, both in health and disease, at various brain scales ranging from a few millimeters up to the entire cortex. These results will be discussed at the light of recent theoretical efforts to understand which aspects of the mind dynamics can be usefully explained in terms of the brain (statistical) physics (Papers and background information can be found in

Contact : Équipe séminaires / Seminar team - Published on / Publié le 20 mai 2014

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