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MSC Seminar 2010 Sep. 27 at 11:30. Masao Doi (Univ. Tokyo) : "Onsager’s variational principles in soft matter physics"

Unless otherwise stated, seminars and defences take place at 11:30 in room 454A of Condorcet building.

In soft matter physics, many phenomenological equations are known which describe the complex behavior of the system in non-equilibrium state. Examples are (i) nemato-hydrodynamics: the equations describing the director field and the velocity field, and (ii) kinetic equation for electrolyte solutions which describe the time evolution of ion-concentration, electric field, and solvent flow etc and (iii) the gel dynamics: the coupled equation for the permeation of solvent and the deformation of gel. Here I would like to show that these equations can be derived from a variational principle which I shall call Onsager’s variational principle.

The variational principle is a simple rewriting of the conventional thermodynamics of irreversible processes, but it is quite convenient since it allows a great flexibility in choosing the state variable and guarantees the Onsager’s reciprocal relation in the final equation.

Contact : Équipe séminaires / Seminar team - Published on / Publié le 21 September 2010