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MSC Seminar 2010 Oct. 25 at 11:30. Masayuki Imai (Ochanomizu University) : "Physical Approach for Protocell "

Unless otherwise stated, seminars and defences take place at 11:30 in room 454A of Condorcet building.

The synthesis of simple living cells that contain minimal elements that are able to perform the basic functions of life will provide insight into the biophysical origins of life. These simple cells are called protocells and might contain membrane traffic and self-reproducing vesicle systems. In order to understand physical aspects of these membrane deformations relevant to the protocell, we demonstrate shape deformations of multi-component vesicles from experimental point of view. The phase separation of multi-component vesicle causes the line tension at the domain boundary, the local bending modulus, and the local spontaneous curvature on a vesicle, which leads to unique shape deformation pathways. Especially by coupling phase separation and geometry of lipids, simple binary vesicles realize shape deformations relevant to the protocell, such as adhesion, pore formation, and self-reproducing vesicle. Thus, the multi-component vesicle might be a key to develop the protocell.

Contact : Équipe séminaires / Seminar team - Published on / Publié le 13 October 2010