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Stage M2 2013-2014 : Nappes liquides visco-élastiques



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Liquid sheets are beautiful and easily controllable fluid mechanics objects which can be formed by letting a jet impacting onto a small solid target. When a minute fraction of long-chain polymers is dissolved into the liquid, the behavior of the solution under an elongational flow, which stretches the polymers, changes dramatically : it behaves elastically and is called "visco-elastic" liquid. The internship aims at experimentally studying the flow, the shape and the stability of liquid sheets formed with visco-elastic liquids.

The student will use solutions of PEG/PEO (polymers of ethylene-oxide with different chain lengths) in water to independently tune the viscosity and elasticity of the liquid. He will characterize both the rheology of the solutions and the flow, the shape, and the stability of the sheet using high speed imaging (at several thousands frames per second) together with PIV and/or light interference methods. Any other observation like, for instance, the opening of a hole, the shape of shock waves, the loci of the ejection of the liquid at the edge, or the shape of closed liquid sheets (bells), will be used to understand the sheet dynamics. Inventiveness is therefore welcome.

There will be opportunities for extending the internship into a PhD.


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Non linéaire, Dynamique des Systèmes Hors Équilibre, Mousses, bulles, gouttes, émulsions, Mouillage, capillarité, dynamique des interfaces fluides, Systèmes dynamiques hors d’équilibre et physique non linéaire, LEBON Luc, LIMAT Laurent, Proposition de stage ou de thèse, LHUISSIER Henri, Ancienne proposition

Contact : Published on / Publié le 18 octobre 2013