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Matlab functions for acoustic scattering

This page contains some Matlab functions (probably also compatible with Octave but no test has been done) for calculating the acoustic scattering by spherical inclusions. Brief descriptions of the functions are given below. For further information, on the syntax in particular, type "> help functionname" in the Matlab command window. For comments or questions, contact valentin.leroy(at)

Note: You need to change the ".bin" extension into ".m" in the name of the downloaded files if you want to operate them with Matlab

  • ScatCoef_3Liq
    Binary Data - 2.2 kb

This function calculates the scattering coefficients for a spherical inclusion with radius r, with a shell of radius R, embedded in a infinite medium. The three media are characterized by their density and speed of sound. Calculations are based on ECAH model.

  • ScatCoef_3Sol
    Binary Data - 6.1 kb

Solid version of the previous function: the geometry is the same but the velocity of shear waves is also needed to characterized the three media. As a result, the function gives a 2x2 matrix whose first element gives the scattering of longitudinal waves (see script "example2" below for an example).

Binary Data - 1.1 kb
Binary Data - 1.2 kb
Binary Data - 1.1 kb
  • Examples
    • Example 1 = 0.1mm-radius water drop in air.
    • Example 2 = 0.1mm-radius steel bead in water.
    • Example 3 = 0.1mm-radius air bubble in water.
Binary Data - 1.4 kb
Binary Data - 1.4 kb
  • ScatBubble Monopolar scattering function for a gas bubble in a soft solid. Thermal, visco-elastic and surface tension effects are taken into account. Script ExampleScatBubble gives an example and a comparison with ScatCoef_3Sol function.

Contact : Published on / Publié le 18 February 2015