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2017 PhD research topic - Myosin modulated cellular biomechanics in the invasion process of the bacterium Shigella

2017 PhD research topic

Shigella is a bacterial pathogen responsible for bacillary dysentery in humans. Shigella has the ability to invade epithelial cells from the colon. The Biology team at Collège de France led by Guy Tran Van Nhieu focuses on deciphering mechanisms in Shigella invasion of epithelial cells. In recent work, this group has identified the role of mechanical forces and constraints during bacterial interaction with host, and in particular the role of myosins in the breaking of the bacteria enclosing vacuole. The PhD project will aim at characterizing the role of myosins in the establishment of constraints generated at the bacteria-containing vacuole, pertinent to the mechanism of Shigella vacuolar escape.

To tackle this issue, a novel microrheology technique allowing the measurement of both viscosity and elasticity of complex fluids will be applied. The group at Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes led by Jean-François Berret (Université Paris-Diderot) designed new probe particles in the form of elongated wires to perform passive and active microrheology in confined environments. This technique was successfully used in mammalians cells recently and it confirmed the viscoelastic character of the cytoplasm.

The PhD work will involve physical chemistry, biophysics and biology experiments. More specifically, wire synthesis and rotational testing, preparation of in vitro infected cultured cells using a combination of molecular and cellular approach will be performed. In a second step, the measurements of viscosity parameters of the intracellular environment will be done to determine the effects of myosins in Shigella invasion and spreading.


Biofluidics, Mechanics of cells and tissues, Mechanotransduction, Flow of Complex Fluids, Magnetic particles, liquids or materials, responsive materials, Medical applications, biomaterials, biomimicry, BERRET Jean-François, Proposition de stage ou de thèse, 518, 107, Laboratoire MSC, Ancienne proposition, 2017

Contact : Published on / Publié le 23 March 2017