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Séminaire MSC 454A. 19 mars 2018. Elie Wandersman. Laboratoire Jean Perrin. Keep in touch !

Sauf mention contraire, les séminaires et les soutenances se déroulent à 11h30 en salle 454A du bâtiment Condorcet.

Elie Wandersman, Laboratoire Jean Perrin

Le 19 mars à 11h30 en salle 454A, bât Condorcet

Keep in touch !

Our work aims at understanding the pre-neural filtering mechanisms involved in tactile perception, for both rodents and humans. The main part of the talk will be dedicated to show how the macroscopic mechanical properties of the tactile organ (facial whiskers for rodents, fingertips for humans), as its shape or elasticity, as well as the interactions between the organ and the explored surface (friction, adhesion), participate in the filtering and processing of the tactile information (roughness, shape, hardness). Using biomimetic approaches, we have studied how the micro-texturation of the fingertip (fingerprints) on one side and the mechanical resonance properties of the tactile organ on the other side operate a spectral selection, amplification and propagation of the tactile information, at the onset of contact and when model rough surfaces are explored. In the last part of the talk, I will discuss the mechanotransduction processes implied in tactile perception at smaller (cellular and molecular) lengthscales and the possibility to develop biomimetic approaches of mechanotransduction at such scales.

Contact : Équipe séminaires / Seminar team - Published on / Publié le 12 mars 2018

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