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Theory of Complex Systems

Contact: TAILLEUR Julien

Dynamical systems theory, statistical physics in and out of equilibrium, solid and fluid mechanics can bring crucial concepts for the understanding and the modeling of phenomena studied in non-linear physics, soft matter and biophysics.

One of the key contributions of our theoretical activity is to introduce new tools, both analytical (model equations, fractal analysis, scaling laws, renormalization) and numerical (agent models, partial differential equations, parallel computing). These tools have a broad scope, allowing one to revisit experiments on hydrodynamic instabilities, pattern formation, multi-scale interactions in complex systems, aging in glassy systems or self-organization in biology. Among our objectives there is the identification of deep and universal mechanisms appearing in different contexts.


  • Out-of-equilibrium phenomena in soft matter
  • Organisation, response and collective motions in biological systems
  • Rheology, micro-rheology and wetting of complex fluids and materials
  • Modeling of biological systems
  • Chaotic dynamics and transport
  • Regulatory networks in biology