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Collective motions

MSC : Mathieu Génois, Guillaume Grégoire.

It is difficult to provide a scientific topic with a more generic title. In fact, in the current literature, the meaning of "collective motions" refers to self-moving individuals. These one can be either physical objects which are externally driven, e. g. vibrated granular materials, or they can be objects which contain a source of energy. In order to get a non-trivial collective dynamics, the objects have to interact with their neighborhood. Again, the type of interaction is likely to be divers: ethological, for animals, mechanical, hydrodynamic, chemical through gradients, etc. ?

The common point in all of those cases is that objects are self-propelled. This property implies that the kinetic energy is locally constant. Thus these systems are driven far from equilibrium. In addition, the collection of objects moves collectively, and this state is statistically different from a static assembly. Therefore Galilean invariance has to be violated. Considering out-of-equilibrium systems in a space which depends on the frame of reference is quite new, and we lack any general theory of these situations. We would like to get a statistical and hydrodynamic description of self-propelled particles assembly.

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GRÉGOIRE Guillaume, GÉNOIS Mathieu, DERVAUX Julien

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