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Mechanical aspects of biological pollution of catheters and Implantable catheter ports

MSC : G. Guiffant, J.J. Durussel, P. Flaud

Collaborations : J. Merckx

Contrat : Perouse

Keywords: implantable catheter ports, perfusion, hydrodynamics flushing

Implantable catheter ports are devices inserted under the skin, permitting a vascular access for injections, perfusions or blood sampling. One main advantage of these systems is to preserve the peripheral venous network. Two different approaches are conducted: (i) we showed that the combined hydrodynamic effects of the withdrawal of the needle and the deformation of the septum lead to a variation of the internal volume of the cavity which in fine can produce an entering blood flow at the extremity of the catheter. (ii) Venous catheters have to be steadily flushed. We showed that the dynamic of the flow have a marked effect on the kinetic of desadhesion of the deposit along the duct leading to the conclusion that optimum flushing can be achieved with particular dynamic of the flushing flow. We also studied active catheters behaviour used for interventional radiology

- MERCKX J., GUIFFANT G., DURUSSEL J.J., FLAUD P., VIGIER J.P., MOUSSET. P, "Rinçage pulse´ et dispositif d’accès vasculaire", Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux 2010 22 (1) 38-43.

- MARCHANDISE E., ROYON L., FLAUD P., SZEWCZYK J., BLANC R., "Active Catheters for Neuroradiology ", Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 23 (1) (2011).

- J. MERCKX, J.J. DURUSSEL, G. GUIFFANT, P. FLAUD, J.P. VIGIER, P. MOUSSET. "Rinçages pulsés et dispositifs d’accès vasculaire", Société Française de Nutrition,10-12 dec, Montpellier (France) (2009)

- MARCHANDISE E., FLAUD P., ROYON L., BLANC R, SZEWCZYK J., "Thermal and hydrodynamic modeling of active catheters for interventional radiology", Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (2010)

Nom des membres actuels ou anciens

DURUSSEL Jean-Jacques, FLAUD Patrice, GUIFFANT Gérard

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