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Thermal of the skin

MSC : G. Guiffant, P. Flaud, Ph. Dantan

Collaboration : V. Berger.

Keywords: microcirculation, macrocirculation, infrared camera, flow, numerical simulation, heat transfer

The use of a highly performance infrared camera permitted to show that it is possible to measure cutaneous temperature field representative of both the cutaneous microcirculation and subcutaneous macrociorculation. The temperature field resulting from a heat flux located on a particular area of the skin is significantly modified both by the microcirculation and subcutaneous vessels. Two approaches can be used for the description of the vascular cutaneous circulation. In a first approach the superficial layer is seen as a thermally orthotropic medium and in a second approach the superficial capillary circulation is seen as a succession of flows of recirculation. In both cases, the under layer vascular flow is taken as a Poiseuille flow in a cylindrical duct of radius R. The numerical simulations in the frame work of this hypothesis are in qualitative accordance with the in vivo observations.

- P. Flaud, Ph Dantan, J.Giraud, G. Guiffant, V. Berger, "Transport de Chaleur et circulation sanguine", 3rd International Meeting of the French Society of Hypertension, et 3ième Journée Thématique de la Société de Biomécanique 17 et 18 décembre 2009 Paris.

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DANTAN Philippe, FLAUD Patrice, GUIFFANT Gérard

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