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ABOU Bérengère

Contact - Bureau : 712A

GIF - 732.3 ko

CNRS Researcher

@ berengere.abou(at)

Condorcet building, office 712A, lab 590A


Our research themes focus on the rheology of complex materials and biological fluids, at different length and time scales ; they answer fundamental and applied questions in physics, biophysics, medicine and aeronautics.

  • Glass transition in colloids : aging, dynamic heterogeneities, fluctuation-dissipation relations ; out-of-equilibrium statistical physics
  • Rheology and microrheology of complex and biological fluids
  • Biophysics of insect secretion : link with insect adhesion and acclimation
  • Intracellular nanorheology in red blood cells, application to sickle cell anemia


Molecular rotors as intracellular probes of red blood cell stiffness, A. Briole, T. Podgorski, & B. Abou, Soft Matter 17, 4525-4537 (2021).

Communication versus Waterproofing : the Physics of insect cuticular hydrocarbons, F. Menzel, S. Morsbach, J. H. Martens, P. Raeder, S. Hadjaje, M. Poizat, & B. Abou, Journal of Experimental Biology 222 : jeb210807 (2019).

An article on the ’Melting properties of cuticular hydrocarbon layer’ by my colleague Florian Menzel (Mainz university) on our ant study (2020).

Our book on the relationship between Sex and Gender : from biology to sociology (in French) with my colleague H. Berry (INRIA).


If you are interested in working with us on the biophysics of insect secretion or the nanorheology of red blood cells, please contact me at : berengere.abou(at)

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