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ABOU Bérengère

Contact - Room: 712A

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Chargée de recherche - CNRS


Bâtiment Condorcet, Bureau 712A (76257), Labo 590A (76161)

Internship 2014-2015 / PhD: Measuring dynamical spatial correlation length in soft glass

Supervisor: Bérengère Abou


Understanding the glass transition in materials and their out-of-equilibrium dynamics remains a challenge in condensed-matter physics. Over the last 15 years, dynamical heterogeneities (DHs) have been recognized as a promising and exciting feature to understand slow relaxation processes in glass-forming systems. DHs are characterized by fast and slow clusters of dynamically correlated particles, coexisting in the material, with the idea that a dynamical correlation length ― representing the clusters size ― would diverge when approaching the glass transition.

In practice, glass transitions are observed in various systems, such as molecular liquids, colloids or granular materials. Among all, dense colloids are model systems with a glass transition at ambient temperature when increasing volume fraction. They display slow accessible timescales and can be probed with simple optical techniques.

During this internship, we will investigate dynamic heterogeneities in soft thermosensitive colloids ( 1 µm) when approaching the glass transition. We will perform (i) particle tracking, (ii) image correlation analysis to measure the dynamical spatial correlation length increase when approaching the glass

fast (red) and slow (blue) domains coexisting in dense soft thermosensitive colloids

Thermosensitive dense colloidsThe candidate will benefit from excellent collaborations with the theoretical group in the institute, and collaboration with the industrial group Solvay (COMPASS, USA).

R. Colin, Ahmed M. Alsayed, J.-C. Castaing, R. Goyal, L. Hough & B. Abou, Spatially heterogeneous dynamics in a thermosensitive soft suspension before and after the glass transition, Soft Matter, 7 4504 (2011).

Experimental techniques: particle tracking, image correlation, microrheology, dynamic light scattering, image analysis (ImageJ)


Materials and Soft Matter, Dynamics of Out-of-Equilibrium Systems, Multiscale dynamics, mechanics and rheology, Magnetic particles, liquids or materials, responsive materials, Out of equilibrium dynamic systems and nonlinear physics, ABOU Bérengère, Proposition de stage ou de thèse

Contact : Published on / Publié le 9 November 2013

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