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Wetting of gels

MSC : Tadashi Kajiya, Laurent Royon, Adrian Daerr, Laurent Limat.

Hydrogels, which are cross-linked networks of polymers swollen in water, are already widely used in food processing or cosmetics for their astonishing and tunable bulk properties (very soft to hard, brittle to elastic, sensitive to temperature or pH of the environment, ...). We aim at a better understanding of the surface properties of such gels, in particular the wettability by a liquid. Such understanding is needed because static and dynamical wetting is strongly affected by the elastic response of the material and the diffusion of solvent within it. We study the physical mechanisms involved by performing controlled wetting and dewetting experiments.

Nom des membres actuels ou anciens

DAERR Adrian, KAJIYA Tadashi, LIMAT Laurent, ROYON Laurent

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