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Microrheology in biological systems

MSC : B. Abou

Collaborations (past and present):

We are interested in the microrheology of biological systems with complex mechanical properties, in relation with fundamental and applied questions: adhesion mechanism in insects , acclimatation of the insect cuticular hydrocarbon layer, morphogenesis, insect anticontamination of aircrafts.

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Drawing up the beetles’ secretion

Selected publications:

Communication versus Waterproofing : the Physics of insect cuticular hydrocarbons, F. Menzel, S. Morsbach, J. H. Martens, P. Raeder, S. Hadjaje, M. Poizat, & B. Abou, Journal of Experimental Biology 222 : jeb210807 (2019).

Extensive collection of femtoliter pad secretion droplets in beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata allows nanoliter microrheology, B. Abou, C. Gay, B. Laurent, O. Cardoso, D. Voigt, H. Peisker & S. Gorb, Journal of Royal Society Interface 7, 1745 (2010).

Micro and macrorheology of jellyfish extracellular matrix , C. Gambini, B. Abou, A. Ponton and A. J. M. Cornelissen, Biohysical Journal, vol. 102, pp 1-9 (2012).

Intracellular microrheology probed by micron-sized wires, L. Chevry, R. Colin, B. Abou & J.-F. Berret, Biomaterials 34 6299 (2013).

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