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News : TensioX Application by Irene Nagle and Myriam Reffay

Associate Professor

Short CV

Since 2011 : Associate Professor at Université Paris Diderot, Paris

2010-2011 : Postdoc at Institut Pasteur, Paris : Mapping of genes in the context of cell polarization and migration

2007-2010 : Postdoc at Laboratoire Physico-Chimie Curie, Paris : Collective cell migration : interplay of Rho-GTPase and mechanical forces.

2004-2007 : PhD at Laboratoire de Physique Statistique. Paris. A biomimetic system of membrane to study protein-protein interaction.



M. Reffay, Parini M.C., Cochet O., Ladoux B., Buguin A., Camonis J., Silberzan P. Interplay of RhoA and mechanical forces in collective cell migration driven by leader cells. Nat. Cell Biol. 16 (2014) 217-223.

M. Reffay, Parini M.C., Cochet O., Ladoux B., Buguin A., Camonis J., Silberzan P. Collective cell migration: a fair sharing between leader cells and supracellular coordination. Med. Sci. 30 (2014).

G. Rayan, Adrien V., Reffay M., Picard M., Ducruix A., Schmutz M., Urbach W., Taulier N. Surf (16)actant bilayers maintain transmembrane protein activity. Biophys. J. 107(5) (2014) 1129-1135.

V. Du, Fayol D., Reffay M., Luciani N., Bacri J-C., Gay C., Wilhelm C. Magnetic engineering of stable rod-shaped stem cell aggregates: circumventing the pitfall of self-bending. Integr. Biol.7(2) (2015) 170-177.

F. Mazuel, Reffay M., Du V., Bacri J-C., Rieu J-P., Wilhelm C. Magnetic flattening of stem-cell spheroids indicates a size-dependent elastocapillary transition. Phys. Rev. Lett. 114(9) (2015)

F. Mazuel, Espinosa A, Luciani N, Reffay M., Le Borgne R, Motte L, Desboeu (10)fs K, Michel A, Pellegrino T, Lalatonne Y, Wilhelm C. Massive Intracellular Biodegradation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Evidenced Magnetically at Single-Endosome and Tissue Levels. ACS Nano 10(8) (2016) 7627-7638.

V. Adrien, Rayan G., Reffay M., Porcar L., Maldonado A., Ducruix A., Urbach W., Taulier N. Characterization of a Biomimetic Mesophase Composed of Nonionic Surfactants and an Aqueous Solvent. Langmuir 32(40) (2016) 10268-10275.

F. Mazuel, Mathieu S, Di Corato R, Bacri JC, Meylheuc T, Pellegrino T, Reffay M., Wilhelm C. Forced- and Self-Rotation of Magnetic Nanorods Assembly at the Cell Membrane: A Biomagnetic Torsion Pendulum. Small 13(31) (2017) doi: 10.1002/smll.201701274

V. Du, Luciani N., Richard S., Mary G., Gay C., Mazuel F., Reffay M., Menasché P., Agbulut O., Wilhelm C. A 3D magnetic tissue stretcher for remote mechanical control of embryonic stem cell differentiation. Nat. Comm. 8(1) doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00543-2.


M. Poujade, Grasland-Mongrain E., Petitjean L., Reffay M., Buguin A., Ladoux B., Silberzan P. Social life of epithelial cells. Med. Sci.24 (2009), 684-686.

L. Petitjean, Reffay M., Grasland-Mongrain E., Poujade M., Ladoux B., Buguin A., Silberzan P. Velocity fields in a collectively migrating epithelium. Biophys. J. 98(9) (2010), 1790-1800. (On the cover)

M. Reffay, Petitjean L., Coscoy S., Grasland-Mongrain E., Amblard F., Buguin A., Silberzan P. Orientation and polarity in collectively migrating cell structures : statics and dynamics. Biophys. J. 100(11) (2011) 2566-2575.


Y. Gambin, Lopez-Esparza R., Reffay M., Sierecki E., Gov NS., Genest M., Hodges RS., Urbach W. Lateral mobility of proteins in liquid membranes revisited. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103(7) (2006), 2098-2102.

M. Reffay, Gambin Y., Benabdelhak H., Phan G., Taulier N., Ducruix N., Hodges R.S., Urbach W. Tracking Membrane Protein Association in Model Membranes. PLoS ONE 4(4) (2009), e5035.

Y. Gambin*, Reffay, M.*, Sierecki E., Homble F., Hodges RS., Gov NS., Taulier N., Urbach W., Variation of the Lateral Mobility of Transmembrane Peptides with Hydrophobic Mismatch J. Phys. Chem.B114(10) (2010), 3559-3566.

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