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Complexation polyélectrolytes nanoparticules

MSC : Florent Carn, Éric Buhler, Li Shi.

Associative complexation processes between polyelectrolytes chains and nanometric particles of opposite charge are intensively studied because of their fundamental interest (ADN condensation) and technological applications (encapsulation, vectorization, purification of proteins,…). If the number of already studied systems is important, there exists relatively little systematic studies dedicated to the mechanism and the structure of such physical complexes. The principal parameters explored to date are mainly related to the polyelectrolytes characteristics (persistence length, charge density, molecular mass) and the physicochemical conditions. Our objective is to shed light on the reciprocal influence of the characteristics carried by the nano-particles. Practically, we study model nanoparticles with controlled size, shape and surface charge in electrostatic interaction with well known polyelectrolytes by combining scattering technics (light, neutrons and X ray) to reach in a non-invasive manner structural information over a broad range of dimensions: from 1 nm to 300 nm.

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BUHLER Eric, CARN Florent, SHI Li

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