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Internship, PhD and post-doc offers

Stage, mode d’emploi.

Post-doc offers

"Motorized Nanostructures from light-responsive Molecular Machines: Structure and Dynamics" , POSTDOC with E.BUHLER ( MSC, Universite de Paris ) .

"Physical modeling of Drosophila morphogenesis" Post-doc with François Graner (MSC, Université de Paris) and Yohanns Bellaïche (Institut Curie), to start in early 2021.

Master internships (2019-2020) and/or PhD theses (2020-2023)

Stages de Master (2019-2020) et/ou sujets de Thèse de doctorat (2020-2023)

"Are biological cells just another type of active particles?" Master and/or PhD. - Marc Durand (MSC), François Graner (MSC), Julien Tailleur (MSC).

Former offers

"In which directions do cells migrate ?" Master and PhD. - François Graner (MSC) and Hélène Delanoë-Ayari (ILM, Lyon).

"Physical Organogenesis of the Gut" Master and PhD. - Nicolas Chevalier (MSC) and Vincent Fleury (MSC).

"Swimming in a foam channel" Master and PhD. - Florence Elias (MSC).

"Turbulence à bas Reynolds" Master. - Sandra Lerouge (MSC) and Charlotte Py (MSC).

"« Single File Diffusion » et dispersion de traceurs dans un système 1D" Master. - Michel Saint Jean (MSC) and Christophe Coste (MSC).

"Augmentation de la diffusion d’une chaîne de particules en interaction par la présence d’un potentiel extérieur périodique" Master and/or PhD. - Christophe Coste (MSC) and Michel Saint Jean (MSC).

"Cartographie des contraintes mécaniques pendant la formation des agrégats cellulaires" Master. - François Gallet (MSC).

"Erosion by dissolution, experiments and modelling", Master 2. - Michael Berhanu (MSC).

"Effects of binding ligands and Architectural proteins on dynamics, flow, and gelation of DNA" Master and/or PhD. - Jean-François Berret (MSC), Véronique Arluison (CEA Saclay), Frank Wien (Soleil, France).

"Microrheology of lung fluids" Master and/or PhD. - Jean-François Berret (MSC).

"Microfluidic realization of an Alveolus-on-a-Chip" Master and/or PhD. - Jean-François Berret (MSC), Yong Chen (ENS).

"Numerical modeling of living tissues" Master and/or PhD. - Pierre Saramito (Grenoble), François Graner(MSC).

Bioimage Analyst (18 month position) Cette proposition n'est plus disponible. Voir les autres propositions.

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