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Tissue engineering

MSC : Vicard Du, Delphine Fayol, Guillaume Frasca, Nathalie Luciani, Florence Gazeau, Claire Wilhelm

The purpose of tissue engineering is to induce tissue regeneration or create a functional tissue substitute by combining the use of materials, cells and/or growth factors. In this approach, stem cells are usually seeded into a scaffold which in turn supports their adhesion, growth and differentiation. Controlling the spatial organization of the seeded cells is a key issue in so far as the structure of native tissues plays a central role in their ability to perform their function. The engineering of tissue also requires seeding the scaffold with a high cellular density.

The research conducted in our group aims at reaching both of these goals by labeling cells with magnetic nanoparticles using a universal and biocompatible process. These cells are then manipulated with magnets of controlled geometries in order to be concentrated and organized in 3D porous scaffolds. The two applications we are working on are cartilage and blood vessel engineering.

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GAZEAU Florence, FAYOL Delphine, FRASCA Guillaume, LUCIANI Nathalie, WILHELM Claire, DU Vicard

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