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Magneto-capillary origami

MSC : Timothée Jamin (M2), Charlotte Py, Eric Falcon.

When a liquid droplet is laid down on a thin elastic sheet, this latter wraps the droplet if capillary forces overtake the elastic bending resistance of the sheet. Various shapes of wrapping (tubes, pyramids, cubes) can be obtained according to the initial cut of the sheet (squares, triangles, crosses). What happens to these capillary origamis when a magnetic fluid (ferrofluid) droplet is used instead of the usual fluid? Indeed, the shape of the magnetic droplet (laid down the elastic sheet) is known to depend on the external applied magnetic field. New wrapping instabilities are studied that results from the interplays between magnetic, elastic, capillary and gravitational energies.

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FALCON Éric, PY Charlotte, JAMIN Timothée

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