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Fluctuations of energy flux in dissipative out-of-equilibrium systems

MSC : Eric Falcon

Collaborations : ENS Paris, CEA Saclay, Univ. Santiago (Chili)

Fluctuations of macroscopic quantities in nearly thermal equilibrium systems have well known properties. For dissipative systems, it is a totally different story. We experimentally study the statistical properties of the fluctuations of injected power in different dissipative out-of-equilibrium systems: wave turbulence, bouncing ball submitted to stochastic vibrations, RC electronic system submitted to a random voltage, etc. We show that some of its properties does not depend on the particular system under consideration: the probability distribution of injected power has the same shape in all these systems, but also in other ones (granular gas, convection). We can predict the shape of these probability distribution with any adjustable parameter by means of a simple theoretical model. We also study the fluctuations of injected power in the framework of the Fluctuation Theorem of the out-of-equilibrium statistical physics (also known as Gallavotti-Cohen-Evans). We experimentally show that the large fluctuations observed in these systems does not follow the Fluctuation Theorem.

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