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Chaotic dynamics of human ventilation

MSC : Laurence MANGIN, Maurice COURBAGE

Human ventilatory rythmogenesis arises from the brainstem and the medulla. It depends on phasic neuronal activities taking place within central respiratory generators located in the brain stem and on their transformation into rib cage movements by the respiratory muscles. Nonlinear dynamics in the ventilatory flow arises as a result of the complex interplay between central processing of the respiratory centers, peripheral afferents and stochastic noise inputs. Little is known on the detailed peripheral (airway and lung afferents) and central (brainstem and supra-spinal) determinants of the nonlinear dynamics of ventilation in healthy humans and during respiratory disease. We develop theoretical and experimental (time series analysis) approaches: (i) to characterize the peripheral determinants and brain centers involved in the control of ventilation, (ii) to model respiratory neuronal network according to functional cerebral magnetic resonance imaging in humans.

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COURBAGE Maurice, MANGIN Laurence, YU Liunchun

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