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Structural and Dynamical Properties of Dynamic Supramolecular Polymers

MSC : Eric Buhler.

Collaborations : Jean Candau (ISIS Strasbourg), Jean-Marie Lehn (ISIS Strasbourg)

Supramolecular polymers are an increasingly important class of polymers, where designed intermolecular interactions allow a specific tailoring of polymer properties. In particular, dynamic supramolecular polymers result from the association of monomers using reversible covalent or non-covalent bonds. Due to their dynamic feature, the structure, the mass, as well as the composition of such polymers are susceptible to evolve in response to external stimuli (temperature, pH variation, shear stress, presence of a molecular target etc.) through a constitutional change, and can be envisaged as smart materials. New types of features of both structural ordering and dynamic nature due to the reversibility of the connections between monomers have been achieved, in particular in the team of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Prize) at ISIS-Strasbourg, opening the way in particular to a biologically inspired structuring of polymers on the nano and microscale. The structural and dynamical properties of such supramolecular self-assemblies are studied using complementary neutron, X-ray and light scattering experiments.

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