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Dynablocks: toward the development of responsive combinatorial mesophases

MSC : Eric Buhler, Nicolas Jouault.

Collaborations : Rémi Nguyen (ICS Strasbourg), Nicolas Giuseppone (ICS Strasbourg)

The main trend of this project deals with the development of responsive combinatorial mesophases from libraries of dynamic block copolymers (Dynablocks). In practice, this project results from a collaboration with a team of chemists (N. Giuseppone-Strasbourg). In such a library, a thermodynamic competition can occur at the molecular level for the association of a set of hydrophilic blocks (having slightly different reactive groups) with a hydrophobic block. This competition will result in the formation of a library of amphiphilic copolymers. Subsequently, each Dynablock will permit the expression of a given-type of self-assembly at the supramolecular level. Thus the possible selection (e.g. pH variation)at one level is expected to produce a concomitant selection at the other level through cooperative process. Their behavior in competition experiments are studied using complementary neutron, X-ray, and light scattering experiments.

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