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Cell culture on microfabricated substrates

MSC : Fanny Evenou, Benoît Ladoux, Jean-Marc Di Meglio, Pascal Hersen

Epithelial cells are proliferative cells which tend to organize themselves into a cellular monolayer under conventional culture conditions. Cell-cell interactions are responsible for tissue cohesion. Here we study the feasibility to induce selectively bio-chemical modifications within a cellular monolayer. Microfabrication technologies enable to control the cell microenvironment so that various kinds of soluble compounds such as fluorescent dyes, enzymes, growth factors, drugs, etc., can diffuse specifically to target cells composing the monolayer. Such a system should enable to study the propagation of biochemical signals or various environmental stresses within an epithelium through the intercellular junctions. Moreover, it should enable to generate patterned cell co-cultures suitable for bio-engineering applications and to modulate heterotypic cell-cell interactions.

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DI MEGLIO Jean-Marc, , HERSEN Pascal, LADOUX Benoît

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