Physicist in fluid mechanics and non-linear physics.

I am an experimentalist interested by fundamental considerations in non-linear physics and out of equilibrium systems.
Since October 2010 I joined the laboratory MSC (Matter and Complex Systems).

Chargé de recherche au CNRS.

Laboratory "Matter & Complex Systems"  (MSC lab)

University Paris Diderot


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News, available M2 Internship: Erosion by dissolution, experiments and modelling.

Current research interests :

● Hydrodynamics of erosion by dissolution. Application to geomorphology.
With Adrien Guérin, Caroline Cohen, Julien Derr and Sylvain Courrech du Pont

Surface Waves and Wave Turbulence. Gravity-capillary wave turbulence. Waves-interactions
With Florence Haudin, Luc Deike and Eric Falcon.
Member of collaboration Turbulon (ECN Nantes, LPS Ens, CEA Saclay)  

Surface waves generation by an underwater moving bottom.
With Timothée Jamin, Leonardo Gordillo,
Gerardo Ruiz Chavarria (UNAM Mexico) and Eric Falcon.

● Turbulence and free surface flows. Interaction between surface waves and flows.
With Timothée Jamin and Eric Falcon.

Granular gas of magnetized particles
With Simon Merminod
and Eric Falcon.

Capillarity and aggregation of floating particles.

I have worked also on Granular materials, Geomorphology (seepage erosion), Turbulence and Magnetohydrodynamics.

Previous positions:

Past event: Organization of conference:
Nonlinear hydrodynamic waves: Wave interaction and wave turbulence, Paris, 19-20 September 2013
(PFD files are available for some presentations)


Building Condorcet
MSC - Box 7056
10 rue A. Domon & L. Duquet,
75205 Paris Cedex 13, France

Group: Dynamics of out-of-equilibrium systems

Desk: room 708A, 7th floor, MSC, Building Condorcet

Lab.: room 580A, 5th floor, MSC, Building Condorcet

Phone: (33 1)  57 27 70 44  Office         (33 1) 57 27 61 62  Lab