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doku4latex - a quick and dirty way to write LaTeX documents collaboratively

This is to work collaboratively on a (group of) LaTeX file(s) to prepare a document (article, book, thesis manuscript, etc).

Here, the wiki is the tool, not the goal. In other words, this is not for including nice formulae on a wiki page.

This is a script for your own use, not a service provided on this website.

Contact: cyprien dot gay at univ-paris-diderot dot fr


  • modify source files in the wiki
  • upload figure files or journal style files to the wiki
  • compile the document by clicking on a link to create a PDF
  • download resulting current PDF or older versions
  • download current source of older versions (and transfer elsewhere if needed)
  • easy installation (Installing doku4latex itself requires three minutes once DokuWiki and latex are installed)


  • no true confidentiality (see details)


  • DokuWiki is free as in “free speech” (GPL-V2).
  • doku4latex is also free as in “free speech” (GPL-V2).


Master page (link to LaTeX source files, link to compile button, link to resulting PDF, etc):
LaTeX source (can be modified online like in any wiki):

How does it work?

  • doku4latex is a script that runs in conjunction with an instance of DokuWiki. It uses a combination of bash and php.
  • The script uses a LaTeX compiler located on the server.
  • During installation, it prepares a few guiding pages within your fresh DokuWiki and creates a few directories for your LaTeX documents.


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Historical note

This tool was created for a 30 page article on cell and tissue mechanics and was used intensively during several months by the six co-authors.

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