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Cyprien GAY : 01 57 27 62 53 (cyprien point gay at univ-paris-diderot point fr)
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Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (CNRS UMR 7057, Délégation Paris B)
Pour venir au labo (Bâtiment Concorcet, en rouge sur le plan, orangé en réalité)
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Étudiants :
Stage / thèse / post-doc
Master 2 internship (2016-2017) and/or PhD (2017-2020) in the field:
Theoretical and computational soft condensed matter physics and biophysics.
Topic #1: Physical modeling of a developing biological tissue
Topic #2: Statistical inference of tissue rheology
 Magali Suzanne, Toulouse Photo: Apoptosis drives fold formation in Drosophila leg (Magali Suzanne, Toulouse).
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Popular science / Grand public
Comment se déforment mousses et émulsions
Phénomènes d'adhésion
Jeux (La Recherche 1999-2003)
Chroniques (La Recherche 1999-2001)
Adhésion des chewing-gums
(On n'est pas que des Cobayes, émission du 25 janvier 2013).

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Research interests / Thèmes de recherche

Modelling tissue dynamics
Modélisation de la dynamique des tissus
Elasticity and dynamics in hard and soft grains
Élasticité et dynamique dans les grains durs et mous
Liquid Foam Rheology
Rhéologie des mousses liquides
Flow localization:
slippage and shear banding
Localisation de l'écoulement :
glissement et bandes de cisaillement
Can one describe mechanical ingredients
that link gene expression
to tissue development and morphogenesis?
See our publications.
Do granular media have anything in common with materials
made of soft, spherical objects, such as foams and emulsions?
See our introduction and publications.
Liquid foams are made of liquid and gas.
So why are they solid?
And why can one still make them flow?
See our introduction and publications.
2009-2013 : resp. GDR M&Em 2983
Soft Dynamics: deformable particles in viscous fluid
Forces on a pair of neighbouring particles: approach versus separation.
Foam squeezed between two solid plates Entanglements between a polymer melt and grafted chains
Wrinkling phenomena
Phénomènes de rides
Mechanisms at work in PSAs
Mécanismes à l'œuvre dans les adhésifs mous
Polymers at equilibrium
Polymères à l'équilibre
Why do wrinkles appear?
Why do curtains display small wrinkles at the top
and broad ones at the bottom?
See our publications.
How does an adhesive tape resist separation?
What are those tiny bubbles ahead of the peeling front?
Visit our contributions to wikipedia and publications.
publications publications
Amplitude and orientation of wrinkles reveal sticky or slippery substrate. Adhesive tape / Ruban adhésif (source wikipedia)
Top view of an adhesive tape being peeled off a glass plate (available on wikipedia)
Electro-capillary attraction between colloidal particles at a fluid interface Fractally branched polymer entering a nanopore
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