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Welcome / Bienvenue

Cyprien Gay

Theoretical physicist in Soft condensed matter physics and biophysics

Dessins : Clara Langelez, 2018.

Post-doc position available

Position open : March/April 2023.
Topic : Liquid foam coarsening and rheology : simulation and theory.
Funding : European Space Agency (ESA) “REFOAM” MAP project.

Current research / Recherches en cours

Liquid Foam Rheology
Rhéologie des mousses liquides
Modelling tissue dynamics
Dynamique des tissus biologiques 2018

Liquid foams are made of liquid and gas.
So why are they solid?
And why can one still make them flow?

What determines
how they coarsen?
Post-doc position available

More / En savoir plus 2018
Can one link the mechanics
at the tissue scale
and within the cell?
Can one find efficient ways
to measure the mechanical behaviour?

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Réparation de petit électro-ménager Vulgarisation et tutorat

atelier hebdomadaire depuis 2018
introduction sur le campus (depuis sept. 2022)
formation depuis sept. 2022
(à l'Académie du Climat depuis janv. 2023)
Contributions à wikipedia
phénomènes d'adhésion
Contributions à La Recherche
jeux (1999-2003)
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Émission chewing-gums
On n'est pas que des Cobayes (janv. 2013)

UE libre
Transition écologique
et enjeux sociétaux” :
tutorat d'un petit groupe.

Other research interests / Autres thèmes

Elasticity and dynamics in hard and soft grains
Élasticité et dynamique dans les grains durs et mous 2018 Do granular media
have anything in common
with materials
made of soft, spherical objects,
such as foams and emulsions?

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Flow localization:
slippage and shear banding
Localisation de l'écoulement :
glissement et bandes de cisaillement 2018 In various complex fluids,
when and how does a shear flow
become heterogeneous?

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Wrinkling phenomena
Phénomènes de rides 2018 Why do wrinkles appear?
Why do curtains display
small wrinkles at the top
and broad ones at the bottom?

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Mechanisms at work in PSAs
Mécanismes à l'œuvre dans les adhésifs mous 2018 How does an adhesive tape
resist separation?
What are those tiny cavities
ahead of the peeling front?

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Polymer at equilibrium
Polymères à l'équilibre 2018 Macromolecule conformation
depending on architecture and context,
and consequences thereof.

More / En savoir plus
Divers 2018 Glass transition
Capillarity and elasticity and pendulum
Colloids at fluid interfaces
Superfluid droplet

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