GDR Liquids @ Interfaces, Paris, 17-19 octobre 2016, International conference in honour of Liliane Léger.

CellMech Conference, Barcelone, Espagne, 13-15 mai 2015,
“Mechanical formalisms for tissue dynamics: have a try, build your own tissue rheology!” (Sham Tlili, Cyprien Gay, François Graner, Philippe Marcq, François Molino, Pierre Saramito), poster interactif :

EUFOAM Conference, Lisbonne, Portugal, 8-11 juilliet 2012,
“A two-model tensor for liquid foam or emulsion rheology” (C. Gay, I. Cantat), communication orale (odp).

5th Symposium on France-Taiwan Frontiers of Science, Taïwan, juin 2012,
“An outlook on various types of self-organization in Physics” (C. Gay), communication invitée (odp).

IUTAM Symposium on Mechanics of Liquid and Solid Foams, Austin, Texas, USA, 8-13 mai 2011,
“Shear bands: are foams liquid or solid?” (P. Rognon, F. Molino, C. Gay), communication orale (pdf, odp).

EUFOAM Conference, Borovets, Bulgarie, 14-16 Jul. 2010,
“Understanding negative and positive static dilatancy in liquid foams” (P. Rognon, F. Molino, C. Gay), communication orale.

New Trends On Growth And Form, Agay, France, 20-25 juin 2010,
“Hidden timescale in paste of deformable grains” (S. Bénito, C.-H. Bruneau, T. Colin, I. Einav, C. Gay, F. Molino, P. Rognon), poster.

EUFOAM Conference, Noordwijk, Pays-Bas, 8-10 Jul. 2008,
“Dilatancy in Liquid Foams: A Question of Geometry?” (P. Rognon, F. Molino, C. Gay), communication orale. Résumé / Abstract.

Franco-Israeli Trends in soft matter, biophysics and microfluidics, Biarritz, 7-10 sept. 2007,
“Foam or emulsion rheology: a family of constitutive equations” (S. Bénito, C.-H. Bruneau, T. Colin, C. Gay, F. Molino), poster.

30th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, Tampa, Florida, États-Unis d'Amérique, 18-21 février 2007,
“Understanding crack versus cavitation in pressure-sensitive adhesives: the role of kinetics” (J. Teisseire, F. Nallet, P. Fabre, C. Gay), communication orale.

11th International Congress on Corrosion and Fouling, San Diego, July 2002,
“Some fundamentals of adhesion in synthetic adhesives”, invited talk.

Biomechanics of Adhesion, Anaheim, janvier 2002,
“Stickiness: some fundamentals of adhesion”, invited talk.

Principles of Soft Matter, Santa Fe, NM, Etats-Unis, Mai 2001.
“How dry is a splash ?” (C. Gay, S. Koehler, H. Stone), poster.

Division of Fluid Dynamics 2000, American Physical Society, Washington, DC, Etats-Unis, novembre 2000.
“Cavitation in adhesives” (I. Chikina, C. Gay), communication orale.

“23rd Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society”, Myrtle Beach, SC, Etats-Unis, février 2000.
“Does stretching affect adhesion ?” (C. Gay), communication orale.
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society,
130-132, G.L.Anderson ed.

“Soft Condensed Matter : What's New After 30 Years ?”,
en l'honneur de Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Les Houches, septembre 1998.
“A theory of tackiness” (C. Gay, L. Leibler), poster,
“Hysteretic incompatibility between polymer chains” (C. Gay, E. Raphaël), poster.

“Fluctuation-mediated Interactions in Soft Matter”,
en l'honneur de Philip Pincus, Les Houches, octobre 1996.
“Separation of statistically branched polymers by injection into a nanopore”, poster.

“Dynamiques lentes des milieux hétérogènes mous”, Les Houches, février 1995.
“Grafted surface under polymer melt shear flow”, communication orale.

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