S. Hénon - Publications

Cellular microrheology and mechanosensing 

  3D shape of epithelial cells on curved substrates
N. Harmand, A. Huang and S. Hénon
Physical Review X 11
(2021) 031028

  Cell geometry and the cytoskeleton impact the nucleo‑cytoplasmic localisation of the SMYD3 methyltransferase
D. Pereira, A. Richert, S. Medjkane, S. Hénon, and J. B. Weitzman
Scientific Reports 10 (2020) 20598

  The nature and intensity of mechanical stimulation drive different dynamics of MRTF-A nuclear redistribution after actin remodeling in myoblasts
L. Montel, A. Sotiropoulos, S. Hénon
PLOS One 14 (2019) e0214385

  The desmin network is a determinant of the cytoplasmic stiffness of myoblasts
E. Charrier, L. Montel, A. Asnacios, F. Delort, P. Vicart, F. Gallet, S. Batonnet-Pichon, and S. Hénon
Biology of the Cell
110 (2018) 1-14

  Beyond mice: emerging and transdisciplinary models for the study of early-onset myopathies
E. Jagla, B. Kalman, T. Boudou, S. Hénon, S. Batonnet-Pichon
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
64 (2017) 171-180

  Desmin mutation in the C-terminal domain impairs contractile abilities in myoblasts
E. Charrier, A. Asnacios, R. Milloud, R. De Mets, M. Balland, F. Delort, O. Cardoso, P. Vicard, S. Batonnet-Pichon, and S. Hénon
Biophysical Journal 110
(2016) 470-480

  The formation of ordered nano-clusters controls cadherin anchoring to actin and cell-cell contact fluidity
P.-O. Strale, L. Duchesne, G. Peyret, L. Montel, E. Png, R. Tempe, S. Troyanovsky, S. Hénon, B. Ladoux, R.-M. Mège
The Journal of Cellular Biology
210 (2015) 333-346

  Lymphocytes self-steer passively with wind vane uropods
M-P Valignat, P. Nègre, S. Cadra, A. C. Lellouch, F. Gallet, S. Hénon, and O. Theodoly
Nature Communications
5 (2014) 

  Cellular mechanics and motility
Sylvie Hénon, Cécile Sykes
in Physics and biology: From Molecules to Life, edited by: Jean-François Allemand, Pierre Desbiolles, World Scientific, 2014

  Mécanique et motilité cellulaires
Sylvie Hénon et Cécile Sykes
dans Physique et biologie : De la molécule au vivant, coordinateurs : Jean-François Allemand et Pierre Desbiolles, EDP Sciences, 2012

 Microrheology of living cells at different time and length scales
A. Asnacios, S. Hénon, J. Browaeys and F. Gallet
in Cell mechanics: from single scale-based models to multiscale modeling, CRC Press, éditeurs: A. Chauvière, L. Preziosi and C. Verdier,  2010

 Prestress and adhesion site dynamics control cell sensitivity to extracellular stiffness
S. Féréol, R. Fodil, V. M. Laurent, M. Balland, B. Louis, G. Pelle, S. Hénon, E. Planus, and D. Isabey
Biophysical Journal
96 (2009) 2009-2022

  Spatio-temporal analysis of cell response to a rigidity gradient : a quantitative study by multiple optical tweezers
M. Allioux-Guérin, D. Icard-Arcizet, C. Durieux, S. Hénon, F. Gallet, J.C. Mevel, M.J. Masse, M. Tramier, M. Coppey-Moisan

Biophysical Journal 
96 (2009) 238-247

  Cell stiffening in response to external stress is correlated to actin recruitment
D. Icard-Arcizet, O. Cardoso, A. Richert, S. Hénon

Biophysical Journal
94 (2008) 2906-2913

  Power laws in microrheology experiments on living cells: comparative analysis and modelling
M. Balland, N. Desprat, D. Icard, S. Féréol, A. Asnacios, J. Browaeys, S. Hénon, F. Gallet

Physical Review E
74 (2006) 021911 1-17

  Elasticity of the human red blood cell skeleton
G. Lenormand, S. Hénon, A. Richert, J. Siméon, F. Gallet

40 (1-3) (2003), 247-251

  Assessment of mechanical properties of adherent living cells by bead micromanipulation: comparison of magnetic twisting cytometry vs optical tweezers
V. M. Laurent, S. Hénon, E. Planus, R. Fodil, M. Balland, D. Isabey, F. Gallet

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
124 (2002) 408-421

 Direct measurement of the area expansion and shear moduli of the human red blood cell membrane skeleton
G. Lenormand, S. Hénon, A. Richert, J. Siméon, F. Gallet

Biophysical Journal  81 (2001) 43-56 

  A new determination of the shear modulus of the human erythrocyte membrane using optical tweezers
S. Hénon, G. Lenormand, A. Richert, F. Gallet

Biophysical Journal 76 (1999) 1145-1151

Mixed polymer-surfactant films

 Phase diagram for the adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes at a soft charged surface
L. Vagharchakian, B. Desbat, S. Hénon

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (2006) 22197-22201

 Adsorption of a weak polyelectrolyte at an oppositely charged Langmuir film: change in the conformation of the adsorbed molecules, and saturation of the ionization degree
L. Vagharchakian, B. Desbat, S. Hénon

Macromolecules 37 (2004) 8715-8720

 Adsorption of poly(acrylic acid) at an oppositely charged Langmuir film: surface tension, ellipsometry and elasticity measurements
L. Vagharchakian, S. Hénon

Langmuir 19 (2003) 7989-7994

  The hydrodynamics of domain relaxation in a polymer monolayer
E. K. Mann, S. Hénon, D. Langevin, J. Meunier, L. Léger

Physical Review E 51 (1995) 5708-5720

 Polymer-surfactant films at the air-water interface, part I: surface pressure, ellipsometry and microscopic studies
E.K. Mann, L.T. Lee, S. Hénon, D. Langevin, J. Meunier

Macromolecules 26 (1993) 7037-7045 

  Molecular layers of a polymer at the free surface of water: microscopy at the Brewster angle
E.K. Mann, S.Hénon, D. Langevin, J. Meunier

Journal de Physique II 2 (1992) 1683-1704

Langmuir films

 Phase transitions in Langmuir films of fatty acids: L2/L'2/L"2 triple point and order of the transitions
S. Rivière, S. Hénon, J. Meunier

Physical Review E 54 (1996) 1683-1686 

Electrostatic pressure and line tension in a Langmuir monolayer
S. Rivière, S. Hénon, J. Meunier, G. Albrecht, M.M. Boissonnade, A. Baszkin;

Physical Review Letters 75 (1995) 2506-2509

 Textures and phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers of fatty acids. A comparative Brewster angle microscope and fluorescence microscope study
S. Rivière, S. Hénon, J. Meunier, D.K. Schwartz, M.-W. Tsao, C.M. Knobler;

Journal of Chemical Physics 101 (1994) 10045-10051

 Fluctuations of a defect line of molecular orientation in a monolayer
S. Rivière, S. Hénon, J. Meunier

Physical Review E 49 (1994) 1375-1382

 Phase transitions in Gibbs films, star textural defects in tilted mesophases
S. Hénon, J. Meunier

Journal of Chemical Physics 98 (1993) 9148-9154


Brewster angle microscope

 Brewster Angle Microscopy
C. Lheveder, S. Hénon, J. Meunier
in Physical Chemistry of Biological Interfaces; A. Baszkin ed., Marcel Dekker, Inc., W. Norde, 2000

 Brewster Angle Microscopy and Ellipsometry
S. Hénon, J. Meunier
Modern Characterization Methods of Surfactant Systems; B. Binks ed., Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1999

 A new Brewster angle microscope
C. Lheveder, S. Hénon, R. Mercier, G. Tissot, P. Fournet, J. Meunier

Review of Scientific Instruments 69 (1998) 1446-1450

 Microscope at the Brewster angle, direct observation of first order phase transitions in monolayers
S. Hénon, J. Meunier

Review of Scientific Instruments 62 (1991) 936-939 



Liquides : solutions, dispersions, émulsions, gels
B. Cabane, S. Hénon
Belin, collection Echelles, 09/2003
2nd edition, 09/2007