Sylvie Hénon
PhD students

Coralie Hakibilen: Physio-pathological role of desmin in contractility, adhesion and underlying mechanisms

Nicolas Harmand: Epithelia on flat and microstructured substrates


David Pereira, PhD student 2013-2016, post-doctoral fellow 2016-2017
Effect of geometric constraints on the distribution of a methyltransferase at the cell scale
now postdoctoral fellow by Jean-Baptiste Manneville, Institut Curie, Paris

Alessandra Pincini, post-doctoral fellow 2013-2016
Role of Serum Response Factor as a mediator of mechanotransduction in skeletal muscle
now Clinical Research Associate by ASCOPHARM
, Paris

Lorraine Montel, Master and PhD student 2011-2015
Role of Myocardin-Related Transcription Factor in the mechanotransduction of the 
muscular cell
now postdoctoral fellow by Jacques Fattaccioli, Institut Pierre-Gilles De Gennes, Paris

Elisabeth Charrier, Master and PhD student 2011-2014
Implication of desmin in the mechanical properties of skeletal muscular cells in the context of desminopathies
now postdoctoral fellow by Paul Janmey, University of Pennsylvania

Grégoire Peyret, Master student, 2012, PhD by Benoît Ladoux, 2012-2016 

Amsha Proag, Master and PhD student 2008-2012, now post-doctoral fellow at Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Proliferation Control, Toulouse, France

Delphine Icard-Arcizet, Master and PhD student 2004-2007, now professeur en classes préparatoires in Annecy

Laurianne Vagharchakian, Master and PhD student 2000-2003, now adjunct researcher at the Center for Adaptative Behavior and Cognition, Berlin, Germany

Guillaume Lenormand, Master and PhD student 1998-2001