• Biofilm



    Morphogenesis of bacterial communities

  • Bio



    Light-controlled flows in active fluids

  • Bloom



    Irreversible collective migration of cyanobacteria in eutrophic conditions.


I am a soft matter physicist working at the MSC lab at Paris Diderot University. I joined the DSHE team as a CNRS researcher in 2015.

Using theoretical and experimental tools, I study the morphogenesis of dense tissues such as biofilms or biomimetic systems. In collaboration with Philippe Brunet, I also work on collective effects, such as bioconvection or bloom formation, in suspension of micro-organisms. With Laurent Limat and Matthieu Roché, we investigate the physics of soft wetting.



We are always looking for motivated students. If you are interested by our work and feel that you can contribute, please send us a mail.


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