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Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes complexes
UMR 7057 Université Paris Diderot-CNRS
Bâtiment Condorcet
10 rue Alice Domont et Léonie Duquet
75205 Paris cedex 13
Phone: +33 (0)1 57 27 70 64
Fax : +33 (0)1 57 27 62 11
e-mail : Julien.Tailleur (AT) univ-paris-diderot.fr

Non-equilibrium and active dynamics

You can find here some materials for the PCS Master's lectures on non-equilibrium and active dynamics.


These homeworks will be corrected during the lectures. One of the exercises of the exam will be a copy-paste from one of the homeworks.
Homework number 1, due the 12th of October 2018
Homework number 2, due the 26th of October 2018
Homework number 3, due the 23rd of November 2018

Hand-written lecture notes

These lecture notes may definitely contain some typos and mistakes so that you should read them with careful eyes
Chapter one: Brief recap on equilibrium stat mech
Chapter two: The Langevin equation
Chapter three: Ito Calculus
Chapter four: The Fokker-Planck Equation
Chapter five: Thermal Ratchet and Stochastic Motors
Chapter six: Molecular Motors (A missing page has been reproduced at the end using the 2017 notes)

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