Séminaire Exceptionnel
Mercredi 13 décembre 2006 à 14h00
Tour 33-43 2ème étage, salle de réunion

Suckjoon Jun
(Lab Genetique Moleculaire Evolutive et Medicale, Paris V)

Random thoughts: the role of stochasticity in the replication and  segregation of chromosomes.

Francois Jacob is said to have remarked "The dream of every cell is to become two cells." In this talk, I will present various ideas from  statistical physics as well as work in progress, theory and  experiment, to help understand defining processes of achieving the  cells' dream, namely, DNA replication and segregation. On the  theoretical side, these include nucleation-growth of 1D crystal to  the physics of polymer in confinement. On the experimental side, I  will introduce an integrated approach of microfluidics and single- molecule manipulation to realize an "artificial cell.