Invited speakers

Françoise Argoul
Arezki Boudaoud
Linda Cummings
Stéphane Douady
Stéphane Fauve
Jay Fineberg
Ray Goldstein
Alain Goriely
Vincent Hakim
Anne Juel
Hamid Kellay
Herbie Levine
Anke Lindner
Henry Keith Moffatt
Ludovic Pauchard
Yves Pomeau
Itamar Procaccia
Masaki Sano
Boris Shraiman
Jan Traas
Mingming Wu

International meeting in the honor of

Yves Couder


To be held in Paris POSTPONED to 2021

no dates available yet

Due to the sanitary situation the meeting is postponed to 2021, likely by fall.

Yves Couder (1941-2019) had a tremendous scientific impact in such fields as turbulence, dendritic growth, the Saffman-Taylor instability, plant morphogenesis and walking droplets, as well as in many disparate areas of non-linear physics, ranging from biological self-organization to urban development. This meeting aims at bringing together scientists working in these fields who have been inspired by the man and/or his work, and to highlight and discuss new avenues of science in the field of non-linear condensed matter physics.

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Organizing committee: M. Ben Amar (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), F. Petrelis (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), M. Labousse (ESPCI-PSL*, Gulliver), E. Fort (ESPCI-PSL*, Inst. Langevin), C. Benoit (U-Paris, Diderot), A. Daerr (U-Paris, MSC), V. Fleury (U-Paris, MSC), L. Limat (U-Paris, MSC), S. Metens (U-Paris, MSC), M. Rabaud (U-Paris-Saclay, FAST)